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Proudly Serving These Fine Retailers Since 2003

Our Customers Will Tell You

"We are now looking for the ceiling on sales. Prior to Itasca, we constrained them by our ability to work incoming product to the shelves."
Kevin Konkel
Chief Operations Officer - Raley's
"It’s so easy for store people to use, an 8th Grader could do it."
Clinton Keay
Former EVP Technology - Sobeys
“In multiple implementations, Itasca has proved that its technology and approach completely meet this increasingly-exposed business challenge.”
Mike Clawson
Senior Vice President - Lowes Foods
"We used to see team members ordering more product instead of searching for items in the store, but that doesn’t happen anymore. This means the store has only what it needs.”
Headshots - paul_gianetto_raleys
Paul Gianetto
Senior Vice President Sales & Merchandising - Raley's
“Itasca has proven itself capable of managing and automating replenishment in complex business environments. Their real-time Perpetual Inventory capability will allow us to ensure our customers have the same experience on-line as they do in stores which is important to any retailer’s digital presence.”
Ron Ferri
EVP Operations - Tops Friendly Markets
“We are significantly better at ordering accuracy, staying in-stock, and reducing overall store inventories.”
Jack DePeters
VP Store Operations - Wegmans
“We’re highly encouraged by the results of the initial rollout just completed with Itasca Magic. The benefits to reordering accuracy, in-stock position, and reduced back stock have been profound in those locations. We plan to proceed with chain wide implementation without delay.”
Chris Borden
CEO - Times Markets
"Itasca Computer Generated Ordering is part of who we are today; it’s culturally us from all across the company."
Lillie Cruikshank
VP Merchandising Transformation, Sobeys

You just might be wondering...

Can Magic data/orders be used with manufacturers?

Yes. Magic™ produces "Forecasted Orders" which are actual orders (see above on Forecast vs. Order) with the difference being they are in the future. So, a Forecasted Order uses current information combined with predicted information to derive the most accurate future order possible. These "orders" are automatically stored in our Central Data Server location, usually in a HQ-based server, and can be used if store connectivity goes down. They can also be sent directly to suppliers as advanced notice of store-level demand. We have a customer using them for the packing of store-level orders for fresh product directly at the product origin - this saved 5 shelf days in the products' logistics.

What handheld gear do you support?

All legacy Windows CE devices from the major manufacturers and Android devices from Version 5 forward of Android OS.

We will certify and support all Android OS's going-forward. And, with the recent introduction of iOS support, you don't have to worry that you can't use any of your current gear with Magic™. Further, you can "mix" device manufacturers and OS's in a store. Test a new manufacturer, device or OS without issue at any time.

Windows Mobile 5 - 6.5
Zebra MC9000, 9100, 9200
Honeywell 7000, 9000
Datalogic Falcon X3
Win CE 4.2, 5
Motorola MC9000 Series
Android 5 (Lollipop) and up
Zebra TC51/56, 52/56, 72/77;
MC3200, MC3300, MC9200
Honeywell CT50, CT60, CN80
Datalogic Joya Touch A6
CipherLab RK25
Apple iOS iPad Mini. iPad,
iPad Pro, iPhone

Can we talk to any of your customers?

We can arrange a formal call or visit with any of our customers. We have found that it's beneficial to align the customer visited as best as possible with your business model and go-to-market strategy so questions and methodologies employed have the most impact with each entity. Of course, relationships exist in our industry and if you have one or more, feel free to reach out to those with whom you maintain contact.

What was the biggest hesitancy for your customers to implement Magic?

Once it's decided there is indeed a problem that the system can solve, it's often the resources they currently have to deploy or the other projects they have in queue. Once all the important features and benefits of the system are understood, it's rarely any particular item on the Itasca side that is of concern.