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Our Customers Will Tell You

“We are pleased to be working with Itasca. They are a market leader that helps us move our business forward and serve our customers more efficiently."
Greg zeh - CIO
Weis Markets
“Itasca's real-time Perpetual Inventory capability allows us to ensure our customers have the same experience on-line as they do in stores.”
Ron Ferri - EVP Operations
Tops Markets
"We used to see team members ordering more product instead of searching for items in the store, but that doesn’t happen anymore."
Headshots - paul_gianetto_raleys
Paul Gianetto - SVP Sales & Merchandising

You Just Might Be Wondering…

What programs do you offer to help us train our staff?

We have a robust training program developed by a highly experienced instructional designer with MS, SPHR certifications who will be easily engaged during the implementation. Our training media (documents, videos, system-spoken help, on-line help, etc.) have been designed by industry training design professionals. These items are deployed via our Training and Project Managers to the training team members designated by the retailer and are customized to that retailer's specifications. There are some things that are usable at all retailers, but for those that aren't, we customize each training object so trainees can take the information directly from the classroom to their daily job.

Who does the project management? We want to get started, but we don't have any IT resources free right now. Can you help?

This is determined up-front as Itasca offers fee-based Program and Project Management resources to anyone for any reason. While it's preferable to engage our resources to an existing PM Office at the retailer, we can certainly apply our resources to a project. There are still tasks that Itasca (or even third parties brought on) isn't able to perform due to security or knowledge concerns (i.e. data gathering), and there our experience and counsel often suffices.

Who does the integration work?

It's a collaborative process. However, for the most part, the integration tasks are best done by you, the retailer, as you know your systems best, but we are deeply involved in the process throughout and can often assist in some of the work itself. Also, depending upon the system(s) involved on your end, we can likely work with you directly to build what's appropriate. In addition, we have access and relationships with third-party organizations and individuals who have expertise engineering these interfaces and can easily bring them to the project.

What POS systems have you worked with?

The system is designed to work with all of the major and minor POS systems currently deployed in the grocery industry, and with our current customer-base, we've been able to verify and certify those POS systems with our application. Where we haven't worked directly with the retailer's specific system, a short certification process takes place and includes the expertise of the Itasca development team who, as of yet, has not been able to secure direct integration with any POS system currently in-place. In short, this question has not delayed or stopped any implementation.