Inventory: Optimized

USING A REAL-TIME perpetual inventory of merchandise, advanced consumer demand forecasts, and sophisticated ordering algorithms, Magic™ provides dramatic improvements compared to conventional replenishment methods – while reducing inventory-related labor hours. Magic is a field-proven software solution that optimizes the replenishment and management of store-level inventory for all departments, FRESH included.

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Services & Support

ITASCA RETAIL PROVIDES full service and support for its clients, including implementation, best practices, process improvement, product training and industry expertise. This includes a full range of professional support, including a full-service client help desk, assistance with software updates and product training. We are steeped in retail industry experience and committed to superior results.

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Magic DSD

MAGIC™ DSD PROVIDES electronic receiving and automated ordering for both spot sell and pre-sell Direct Store Delivery vendors. The consequences to stakeholders are too great to leave the re-ordering process solely to the vendor’s discretion. Reliable on-shelf availability of high-demand supermarket items is just as important for DSD products as when they are distributed via the internal warehouse.

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About Itasca Retail

Itasca Retail Information Systems invents and builds industry-leading solutions for Inventory Management, DSD, Computer Generated Ordering (CGO) and associated data management.

We provide reliable, high-performing and cost-effective solutions for Inventory Optimization, including daily item-level merchandise forecasting by-store, perpetual inventory, DSD receiving, and for the hand-held devices that support store execution processes.