Why Store Focus is Essential – Read the Gold Paper

WHEN IT COMES TO the essential discipline of inventory replenishment and reordering at the store, real time all the time is the gold standard. We have seen that headquarters-focused methods are seldom able to meet this standard, because they are not designed for it.

In the daily grocery replenishment process, for warehouse, DSD and perishable goods, a local feedback loop delivers faster and more dependable guidance and more accurate orders.

We are pleased to share this Itasca Retail gold paper, “Real-Time Inventory Replenishment: Why Store Focus is Essential.” It outlines the core reasoning behind our world class solution for Computer Generated Ordering.

Download the Store Focus Gold Paper

It explains how improved accuracy of store level data brings advantages to centralized data management as well, with significant advantages for the supply chain and more accurate central ordering.

Store focus brings user confidence, improved data accuracy and local relevancy. We invite you to learn how by downloading and reviewing this gold paper.

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