Get Survey Orders Right: At NGA

ARE YOU CONFIDENT you know how to get your promotional orders, sometimes called survey orders or pre-book commitment orders, exactly right? With the Las Vegas NGA Show right around the corner, Itasca wants to show you the way.

Promotions make up a lion’s share of most retailers’ sales volume – upwards of 40% for many – so it’s imperative they perform well. Intuition is not enough. You need the best possible information and process to tell your suppliers exactly what quantities you will need in each store.

Do you know exactly how much you have on-hand, over-and-above daily turn inventory? Do you have an accurate forecast of how many cases you’ll move for a given price, ad type, or display? Even something as simple as an easy, electronic process to capture and send the order quantities to suppliers can make a great difference.

Itasca is ready to show you how. We’ll be at NGA talking with retailers about promotional ordering and other advanced capabilities built into our Itasca Magic™ Inventory Optimization solution. You truly can have the right amount of inventory available on the shelf…no matter what type of selling activity is taking place.

If you’d like to understand more about improving the pre-book process in your retail operation, please call or text to set up an appointment to see us in NGA Itasca Retail booth #9.
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