Restock After the Storm Surge

WE CAN’T STOP a storm, but we can improve the recovery on your shelves.

Itasca’s Magic™ store replenishment solution offers a better method to regroup after a winter storm. Magic provides store orders based on demand forecasting against a store perpetual inventory. Normally this provides just-in-time auto replenishment for the stores. But what happens when the store sells out of grocery staples due to an arriving storm and can’t get deliveries on time due to store or road closure?

Recovery after a weather event demands a great deal of effort across the supply chain. Itasca Magic helps the efficiency of this effort by correctly ordering all items at quantities needed to recover to desired shelf stock levels.

This includes DSD orders as well as other distributions. Many retailers are hampered in DSD categories after a storm since the vendors’ merchandisers can’t get to the stores. As a result they submit ‘blind’ orders. With Magic, there are no more blind orders. All products and varieties are ordered based on true shelf conditions.

The requirements for the stores can be seen ‘in advance’ and in real time. Even if the store is closed and product is unable to ship, Magic provides a forward view of orders up to 16 days out. Warehouse recovery requirements are accurately provided, based on expected store orders and store current inventories. When products going to the stores are allocated, those allocations can be done against inventory in the store with real time updates as to current conditions.

No, we can’t make the snow stop. We can help to have your stores fully stocked sooner with the right merchandise. Let us show you how. Contact us using the form below.

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