DSD Ordering & Receiving


Itasca Magic™ DSD

MAGIC™ DSD PROVIDES electronic receiving and automated ordering for both spot sell and pre-sell Direct Store Delivery vendors.

Leading retailers recognize that the consequences to stakeholders are too great to leave the re-ordering process solely to the vendor's discretion. Reliable on-shelf availability of high-demand supermarket items is just as important when products are direct-store delivered as when they are distributed via the internal warehouse.

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Drive Trips With DSD

Key DSD categories are associated with more frequent trips per shopper and higher absolute dollar value sold. Among the top 7 most frequently shopped categories, 5 are DSD-dominated, and bread, milk and carbonated soft drinks are so significant they drive shopper trips to the store.

Supermarket operators are challenged to meet shopper expectations in high-awareness DSD categories, where the out-of-stock problem is frequently magnified. Magic’s Computer Generated Ordering (CGO) can vastly improve performance on key items and help retain those profitable trips.

Solve the “Sunday Problem”

Daily variations in service levels are of particular concern to grocers. Sunday afternoon service gaps hit top DSD categories especially hard, with item availability falling as low as 91.3%, while promoted item availability drops to an average of 85.1%.


Industry research (GMA, Roland Berger) indicates that increasing DSD on-shelf availability can increase sales by as much as 2.9%, the equivalent of $75,000 annually for a typical supermarket.

Where Magic™ DSD is implemented in supermarkets, we have documented improvements in DSD on-shelf availability, reduced deliveries, and improved service levels to the stores.

Capture Greater Profits

Magic™ DSD Receiving improves the efficiency and accuracy of processing DSD vendor invoices and credits, while stopping unauthorized merchandise from entering the store. Multiple receiving methods allow retailers to tailor the receiving process based on the type of vendor, their EDI capabilities and their historical accuracy and performance.

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