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Solutions Overview


ITASCA RETAIL INFORMATION SYSTEMS delivers reliable, high-performing, cost-effective solutions for Inventory Optimization, including CGO, DSD receiving, perpetual inventory, and for the hand-held devices that support store execution processes.

Itasca’s solutions are developed in close cooperation with retail clients. The resulting applications are easy-to-use and readily-embraced by associates.


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Magic™ Inventory Optimization/CGO is a retail-proven software solution that optimizes replenishment and management of store-level merchandise inventory.Solutions

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Magic™ DSD provides electronic receiving and automated ordering for both spot sell and pre-sell vendors.

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Magic Scan Data Server (SDS) provides for reliable delivery of real-time POS transaction data to Magic and other business applications.

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Magic Central Data Server (CDS) serves as an enterprise repository of critical store-level information such as inventory levels, service levels, forecasted consumer and store demand, where organization-level reports can be generated.

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Handheld Software

HandheldsItasca Terminal™ provides pen-based terminal support for legacy applications.

Batch Data Collection (BDC) allows retailers to migrate from older MS-DOS handheld terminals by replacing existing data collection applications.

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