Sobeys Honored by SN for Technology Excellence

STELLARTON, Nova Scotia — Sobeys, Canada’s second largest supermarket retailer and a most valued client of Itasca Retail, was today named a 2013 Technology Excellence Awards winner by Supermarket News.

We congratulate our progressive friends north of the border and invite you to read all the details of the award here: Sobeys Reaps Benefits of Strong IT Foundation (registration required).

(Itasca Retail can share a PDF copy of the entire feature article, Technology Excellence: Taking the Long View by return email. Please use our Contact Form below to request.)

While Itasca Retail is one of many top-notch technology vendors who contribute to Sobeys’ success, we are proud of our role as its provider of Itasca Magic™ computer assisted ordering software, which the chain uses successfully in hundreds of its grocery stores across Canada.

SN’s recognition of Sobeys represents the second time an Itasca Retail client has been honored by the magazine for technology excellence related to its use of computerized ordering. In 2009, Price Chopper, Schenectady, N.Y., was lauded for its pioneering application of Itasca Magic™ software for both warehouse-delivered and DSD categories. Read more.

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