Shrinking Shrink with Itasca


Almost no one wants to spend time hearing or worrying about this retail reality. Whether it’s from damage, theft (internal or external), spoilage, date-coded product, or bad ordering, shrink is a bane to profit, and it’s not easy to fix.

Itasca retailers have a different experience. Think truck-to-shelf. Product is handled once before the customer takes it home. It’s not stored in an overcrowded and unorganized backroom/cooler. The results are truly astonishing:

  • Average shrink reduction of 25% in packaged meat and produce
  • 10-20% in dairy
  • 3% in grocery

Also Consider: One retailer was able to increase the shelf days of bagged salad two-fold by cross-docking store-allocated product!

The ramifications are clear: Inventory optimization from Itasca…Works! Sales are maximized. Orders are based upon consumer demand and there is less back-stock to handle and damage. The results are fresher product for your guests.

Really shrinking shrink. With Itasca, THIS is reality.

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