Scan Data Server (SDS)

SCAN DATA SERVER (SDS) provides for reliable delivery of real-time POS transaction data to Magic and other business applications.

Software applications available from a variety of software vendors utilize SDS as their source for obtaining POS scan data. These applications, referred to as “client applications,” may use the data for a variety of different purposes. Typical client applications, for example, might use the data to maintain perpetual store-level inventories, analyze electronic coupon redemption, alert store-level associates of potential out-of-stocks, etc.

Client applications utilize a link library and application program interface (API) to receive notification of POS transaction data as it occurs.

SDS runs as a background service process on the in-store processor (ISP) monitoring the sales activities of the POS.

SDS supports the major POS systems:


– ISS45 V7 and V8


– StoreLine

IBM Supermarket Application