NGA 2015: Independents Can Compete With Chains

INDEPENDENT GROCERS can compete with powerhouse national chains such as Walmart.

Nimble operators gain an edge by tailoring their product offerings to local markets in ways that the large chains cannot. A smaller supermarket can present a superior variety focused on the needs of local shoppers.

Itasca’s Magic™ CGO solution helps Independents meet this objective consistently by enabling you to execute marketing plans better. Greater variety can mean more out-of-stocks and disappointed consumers. Order management with Itasca Magic keeps you in-stock with the right stock, sustaining the variety that distinguishes your stores from the national competition while enabling superior promotional forecasting.

With the most sophisticated forecasting engine in the industry, Magic understands multiple levels of consumer demand for products given the nature of the various promotions for an item. Magic understands that these needs change when product is placed on an end cap. Magic understands that needs change when it is front page display, pallet drop, side cap, frequent shopper flag, BOGO, or whatever the specific promotion for a specific store is. Magic will assist you in placing your commit order and in managing inventory through the process.

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Stop by booth 1400 at this year’s NGA meeting at the Mirage Las Vegas, February 9-10 for a review of the benefits obtained in managing your merchandise buying decisions through advanced forecasting, inventory control and store replenishment.

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