Itasca’s Got What You Need – at NGA 2018

99.5% OSA — Not A Number We Take Lightly

5 out-of-stocks for every 1,000 items!

Unheard of – until now. 1,700 stores across North America use Itasca Magic to optimize inventory including: Wegmans, Sobeys, Price Chopper and others. The final result? Imperious guest satisfaction!

One way these retailers get there is by managing vendor services levels with facts…facts they get from their own data. Every Day.

Every supplier can be measured: Grocery, Dairy, Perishable Warehouses; Wholesalers; DSD Vendors; etc. By Store, Zone, Corporate. Even by custom criteria you create.

This isn’t easy. It requires accurate, real-time data…something Itasca has been providing since 2006.

Increase sales. Simultaneously reduce inventory, shrink and product handling. Seriously!

Itasca – 99.5% OSA Everyday

Come see us in Booth #10 in Las Vegas in February. We’ll throw in a Starbucks gift card for stopping by.

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