It’s been three years since we met at the Beautiful Belmond in Charleston for our biennial User Conference. As you know, what was planned for October 2020 was postponed due to COVID travel and hospitality restrictions.

We are excited to announce these NEW dates for 2021 and some NEW things we’ve added to make the value you receive from this conference be what you have come to expect from Itasca!


Keynote Speakers

Kevin Coupe is a writer who for more than 30 years has been bringing to audiences all over the world a wealth of experience, sharp storytelling skills, provocative and contextual insights, unique worldview and serious levity about the world of business and consumers.

For more than 17 years, he’s had his own website/blog –  – launched before the word “blog” was coined.  MNB provides “business news in context, and analysis with attitude” to more than 30,000 subscribers all over the world.   An independent survey ranked MNB as the “top industry news and information site.”

Kevin is the host of “Retail Tomorrow,” a new podcast that features innovators from the worlds of retail, brands, technology, and academia, focusing on the new ecosystem driving the retail industry into the realities and possibilities of tomorrow.

Kevin also is an adjunct faculty member of Portland State University’s Center for Retail Leadership in Oregon, where he has been teaching a summer marketing course for more than seven years.

Greg Buzek is the Founder and President of IHL Group and one of the Founders of the Retail Orphan Initiative (, a charitable foundation that seeks to help the 400 million orphaned and vulnerable children around the world. In 10 years, RetailROI has been involved in over 200 projects in 24 countries helping an estimated 226,000 children through clean water, education, computers, language training and care.

Noted by RIS News as one of the Top 10 Influentials in Retail and the National Retail Federation as one of “The List of People Shaping Retail’s Future”, he has a Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from The Ohio State University, and 25 years of experience in retail market analysis, business planning, product development, and consulting with Fortune 500 companies.

Greg is frequently quoted in BusinessWeek, RIS News, StorefrontBacktalk, CIO Information Network, Information Week, Supermarket News, Vertical Systems Reseller, Kiosk Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, and the Washington Post and has been used as a retail technology analyst on NBC Nightly News, CBS News, and CNBC. In addition Greg has been a guest lecturer for the Wharton School of Business and Belmont University.

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