We help you fight out-of-stocks and labor challenges with automated ordering!


Reduce Labor

See how our system helps retailers operate well within the Great Resignation.
Magic™ saves labor by generating orders in seconds! Associates spend a small part of their day maintaining perpetual inventory. One customer told us, "We don't need skilled order-writers anymore."


Keep your eCustomers happy by eliminating the need for order substitutions.
Magic™ ensures you'll never be out-of-stock on items your customers want, whether in your MFC or the store. Happy customers are returning and loyal customers.

Supplier Shorts

When everything ISN'T available, what do you do in response?
When a supplier or distribution center can't deliver, and your customers pivot to what's available, Magic™ makes sure that those items are in-stock...and at the right level. Humans are hard-pressed to keep up with these changes.

Eliminate Shrink

Order the exact right amount of perishables so you don't have to throw anything away.
Be good to the environment and maximize profitability when you order the right amount, or make what you are going to sell with our Production Reports.

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Inventory Optimization

The right amount of inventory. Not just at the right time...all the time.

Computer Generated Ordering

AI-Powered inventory ordering for grocery and convenience retailers.


Industry-standard receiving application deployed at many Tier 1 retailers.

Perpetual Inventory

Your inventory. Counted by the system all day...every day.

Production Reporting

Ensure perimeter departments make enough so every customer gets what they came for.

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