If you are still running
CT2020, ChainTrack or SoftGrocer


If you have CT2020, ChainTrack, or SoftGrocer you’ve likely had it for multiple decades. What a testament to its design that it’s still functional so many years later! It’s had multiple changes in ownership and is no longer up to industry standards. Not to mention the fact you likely need old, Windows CE-based gear as that’s the only OS it will run on. If you’ve deployed new Android technology in stores, you can’t use these systems on those devices. You also might be at a loss as to where to go to get support when needed.

Itasca’s Magic DSD Receiving system is a direct replacement to these systems because it was written by the same people who wrote the original. Literally.

That means:

    •    – User screens are very similar so training and ramp up time are minimal
    •    – Day-to-day support is alive and well
    •    – New versions are released 2X yearly
    •    – Functionality written in latest code to run on latest devices

That’s not all. Itasca’s DSD-facing functionality can really be thought of in a much broader sense; we call it Total DSD Management. Why such a big term? Because you take control of your DSD business back from the delivery people. Your new system automatically generates an order based upon forecasted demand and current PI and sends to the vendor for completion. You’ll also receive in the same system with the functionality you are used to (and more), and then be able to report on the performance of each vendor post delivery.

The fox won’t be watching the henhouse any longer.

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Inventory Optimization

The right amount of inventory. Not just at the right time...all the time.

Computer Generated Ordering

AI-Powered inventory ordering for grocery and convenience retailers.


Industry-standard receiving application deployed at many Tier 1 retailers.

Perpetual Inventory

Your inventory. Counted by the system all day...every day.

Production Reporting

Ensure perimeter departments make enough so every customer gets what they came for.

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