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fmi2012DALLAS — Marketing diversity driven by social media again dominated industry conversation at this week’s FMI2012 Food Retail Show.

The communication power now vested in the consumer through the use of various mobile platforms and applications defines the battle lines between stores and on-line retailers. Price comparisons, advance shopping, and special offers presented in real time are just a few areas where change is occurring. One thing is for certain — shopper expectations have been elevated, and their ability to vent their frustrations on-line is now an enormous factor.

Against that digital backdrop, applications for inventory management with auto replenishment are becoming more essential for retailers to maintain position with your customers. Higher service expectations mean you will face more pressure to eliminate out of stocks and out of date code merchandise. To support your marketing programs, you are going to have to accurately fulfill customer demand at store level or face the digital backlash.

At Itasca Retail Information Systems, we recognize how real time, immediate updates of demand forecasts through to auto-replenishment are going to be required to fulfill these real time challenges.

Let us show you how Itasca solutions can enable your organization to confront and master these new realities. Contact us to arrange a demo and face-to-face meeting.

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