FMI Connect 2016: Optimize Inventories with Assurance of Support

COMING JUNE 20-23: When mission-critical, legacy software for inventory control are no longer supported – like DSD receiving and other in-store applications – your business is exposed to unacceptable risks. Preemptive action can turn this liability into a profitable advantage when you upgrade to Itasca Magic™.

The consequences of poor performance are well-known: out-of-stocks, excess inventory, high shrink, low turns and labor costs. These issues are magnified on promoted items. Unless you own rights to the source code, some modifications are prohibited, freezing business progress. With urgency growing, Itasca Magic is your opportunity to transform a risk into a financial and operational opportunity.

FMI_CBX logoWe’ll be sharing the latest details and updates to Itasca Magic and outlining best practices for On-Shelf Availability and Computer Generated Ordering at FMI Connect in Chicago. Demos are available at our booth #1547, and appointments are still available through the Connect Business Exchange.

Learn more by visiting us at FMI Connect, access the FMI Connect Business Exchange, or contact us today.

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