Five Keys to No-Compromise Inventory Optimization

WHEN IT COMES to inventory accuracy, compromise should by now be a thing of the past. It’s time for supermarket operators to put an end to

  • Low out-of-stocks at a cost of excessive inventory levels on the shelf and in the backroom.
  • High turns that beget excess labor costs for restocking.
  • DSD vendors that shoulder the work, but 'go their own way' when stocking their sections.
  • Lean inventories that leave shelves with sparse presentation.
  • Forecasts that veer off course when promotions are factored in.

At Itasca Retail, we identify Five Keys to keeping your inventory on target. Our latest Gold Paper, “No-Compromise Store Replenishment,” enumerates them and explains how the outstanding retailers who are succeeding with computer generated ordering have documented in-stock levels of 99% or better over the long-term, with simultaneous reduction of inventory on-hand.

Download the No Compromises Gold Paper

Supermarket retailers don't have to choose among multiple competing priorities. You can achieve almost non-existent levels of out-of-stocks, while lowering inventory overall, keeping the 'look' full… and increasing sales.

To learn even more about this, ask us for a demonstration of Itasca Magic™, our store-level, real-time Computer Generated Ordering (CGO) and Inventory Management solution. We'll be delighted to show you how to achieve industry-leading inventory accuracy with a real-time process.

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