Dispatch: Itasca Attends CGA

PALM SPRINGS, CA – Itasca Retail participated in October’s California Grocers Association general meeting, where we shared our real-time, integrated approach to store level inventory optimization in a series of scheduled one-on-one meetings with retailers.

“Real time, integrated” means our Itasca Magic™ solution enables supermarket retailers to manage all departments and selling conditions within their stores.

Itasca”s solution uses real time feeds and processing to forecast demand and provide auto-replenishment. Unlike CAO systems that batch process, Magic™ continuously refreshes demand forecasts and orders based on most current information. The solution offers a superior auto-replenishment method, incorporating a complete perpetual inventory solution with consumer demand forecast.

An up-to-the-moment inventory picture is essential in our fast-moving business, where:

  • Shoppers are accessing real time product and deal information on their smart phones.
  • Customers will be able to pick up pre-shopped merchandise at stores.
  • High transportation costs demand reliable, predictable execution.

2 Million Miles Saved. Several discussions at CGA addressed how rising transportation and inventory costs are driving retailers to re-examine methods to improve their efficiencies in meeting replenishment requirements. Fuel prices have been rising in California due to local supply issues and a lack of refinery production in CA. Retailers are invited to contact us to learn how one Itasca client took 2 million truck miles off the road, as a result of implementing our replenishment solution.

Itasca Retail Information Systems, Inc. wishes to thank those that had time to meet with us at CGA to learn how Magic™, our high-performance, fully-featured store inventory optimization solution, improves your merchandising execution with speed and precision.

For more information on Itasca’s Magic, please contact us to schedule an informational webinar.

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