Jeff Kennedy | President & Co-Founder
Jeff has built his career delivering software solutions for the retail industry. Beginning as one of the principals of Retail Management Systems Corporation (RMS), Jeff was responsible for the development of the company’s sales and marketing team. Under his leadership, RMS was twice listed as one of the United States’ fastest growing privately held companies by Inc. magazine.

In 1992, Retail Management Systems was sold to Telxon Corporation. From 1993 through 1996, Jeff was responsible for the operations of Telxon Corporation’s Retail Technology Group (RTG).

Softechnics acquired the marketing rights to the software produced by Telxon’s Retail Technology Group in June 1996. Jeff joined SofTechnics as Vice President of Sales. During his tenure at SofTechnics, the company continued to grow at an accelerated rate by signing software license agreements with major supermarket retailers such as Kroger, Safeway, Fred Meyer, American Stores and Publix Supermarkets.

After founding Itasca in 1998, Jeff led the company through a period of successful consulting projects with companies such as Safeway and efficient marketing services. In 2000, he sold Itasca’s software applications to Industri-Matematik International (IMI). Jeff served as Director of Retail Industry Sales for IMI before reacquiring the software from IMI in 2004. Today, Jeff is president of the new Itasca Retail Information Systems, Inc.

Mike Miller | CTO & Co-Founder
Mike’s information systems career began in 1983 as the founder of an independent consulting company, MicroStats. MicroStats developed turnkey application software for special education agencies in the state of Iowa. At MicroStats, Mike developed distributed database applications for Unix minicomputers and CPM microcomputers to perform statistical analysis and to administer the delivery of special education services.

In 1989, Mike joined Retail Management Systems of Des Moines, IA, which was acquired by Telxon in 1992 and Softechnics in 1996. With RMS, he was the chief architect in the development of the highly successful ChainTrack product. ChainTrack is a computer application designed to automate the merchandise receiving process at the store location. The application is installed in over 7,000 stores.

During his time at Telxon and Softechnics, Mike was instrumental in the design and development of a computer assisted ordering initiative. Working with major supermarket chain executives, Mike helped develop design specifications for one of the first supermarket inventory management and computer assisted ordering application.

Today, Mike is co-founder and Chief Technical Officer of the new Itasca Retail Information Systems, Inc. He is chief architect of the company’s applications and designer of its intelligent retail data model.