ITASCA RETAIL INFORMATION SYSTEMS invents and builds industry-leading solutions for Inventory Management, DSD, Computer Generated Ordering and associated data management.

The company was founded in 1998 by Jeff Kennedy and Mike Miller who remain key members of the leadership team.

Company leaders leverage combined expertise in corporate, sales, and technical management. This has produced outstanding results over the past 15 years, as team members developed highly successful systems for merchandise receiving, retail price management, retail ordering, inventory management, and most recently, Magic™ Inventory Optimization and Computer Generated Ordering application.

Superior Inventory Management Solutions

Magic™ is a field-proven software solution which optimizes the replenishment and management of store-level merchandise inventory. Designed as a comprehensive approach to store-level inventory management, Magic integrates existing information systems to address these issues that, until now, have prevented retailers from providing the desired service level for their customers.

Our Mission is to provide innovative, practical, and top-quality software for the retail industry. We believe our first responsibility is to our clients who use our products and services.

We will be known as a company that understands the markets that we service. Our clients, strategic partners, and associates will see Itasca Retail as a company offering excellent results and uncompromising customer service.



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