Overstocks Matter Too

GROCERY RETAILERS ARE TALKING about the latest report from IHL Group, “Retailers and the Ghost Economy – $1.75 Trillion Reasons to be Afraid.” That mind-boggling number refers to the cumulative global impact of Out-Of-Stocks, Overstocks and Returns across the retail spectrum. IHL coined the term “Inventory Distortion” in 2011 to describe the combination of OOS […]

Restock After the Storm Surge

WE CAN’T STOP a storm, but we can improve the recovery on your shelves. Itasca’s Magic™ store replenishment solution offers a better method to regroup after a winter storm. Magic provides store orders based on demand forecasting against a store perpetual inventory. Normally this provides just-in-time auto replenishment for the stores. But what happens when […]

Walmart’s $3B OOS Challenge: Why Execution Matters More Than Labor

Walmart has acknowledged in recent weeks that it is still struggling to control out-of-stocks in its stores, with its eye on a $3 billion prize in regained sales. Much of the analysis we have seen recently seems to focus on the trade-offs of lost sales versus added labor cost. A key factor is the importance […]

Meet Itasca Retail at FMI Connect

Join us at booth 4358 at the FMI Connect 2014 in Chicago this June 10th-13th for a demonstration of Itasca Magic™, our store-level, real-time Computer Generated Ordering (CGO) and Inventory Management solution. We’ll be delighted to show you how to achieve industry-leading inventory accuracy with a real-time process.

Why Store Focus is Essential – Read the Gold Paper

WHEN IT COMES TO the essential discipline of inventory replenishment and reordering at the store, real time all the time is the gold standard. We have seen that headquarters-focused methods are seldom able to meet this standard, because they are not designed for it. In the daily grocery replenishment process, for warehouse, DSD and perishable […]

Is There a Solution to Walmart’s Restocking Troubles?

THIS WEEK, a Bloomberg news headline covering Walmart’s quarterly earnings declared, “Walmart struggles to restock store shelves as U.S. sales slump.” The story reported that Bill Simon, executive vice president and chief executive officer for the U.S. for Walmart Stores Inc., had appointed an EVP specifically to address the restocking problem. The topic was addressed […]

FMI Quick Take

DALLAS — Marketing diversity driven by social media again dominated industry conversation at this week’s FMI2012 Food Retail Show. The communication power now vested in the consumer through the use of various mobile platforms and applications defines the battle lines between stores and on-line retailers. Price comparisons, advance shopping, and special offers presented in real […]