Delivering on the Promise

What Amazon Might Not Know About On-Line Fulfillment Download the Click-Confirm-Collect Gold Paper THE BLOCKBUSTER announcement last week¬†from and Whole Foods Market has analysts and the business media buzzing about a potential new era in online grocery ordering. Amid the hype, it seems to us at Itasca Retail that an important fundamental point about […]

Five Keys to No-Compromise Inventory Optimization

WHEN IT COMES to inventory accuracy, compromise should by now be a thing of the past. It’s time for supermarket operators to put an end to Low out-of-stocks at a cost of excessive inventory levels on the shelf and in the backroom. High turns that beget excess labor costs for restocking. DSD vendors that shoulder […]

Why Store Focus is Essential – Read the Gold Paper

WHEN IT COMES TO the essential discipline of inventory replenishment and reordering at the store, real time all the time is the gold standard. We have seen that headquarters-focused methods are seldom able to meet this standard, because they are not designed for it. In the daily grocery replenishment process, for warehouse, DSD and perishable […]