Heitshusen Joins Itasca Retail

MINNEAPOLIS — Stuart Heitshusen has joined Itasca Retail Systems, Inc. as Director of Systems Integration. Stuart’s career has been focused upon Retail Grocery information systems since 1991, when upon graduating from Iowa State University, he joined Retail Management Systems (RMS) as a junior programmer. Throughout his years with RMS, Telxon RTG, and their ultimate successor, […]

Itasca Retail Heads to FMI

The Itasca Retail team is hosting coffee meetings at FMI in Dallas. Satisfy Your Need for Speed. Your customers expect instant results. Why saddle your inventory management process with old information? Itasca Magic™ continuously re-evaluates sales trends in store to provide timely views of consumer demand. Accept nothing less than immediate responsiveness. Your customers won’t. […]